by Well Wisher

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    Recorded with Karl at the Clap Trap/Sweatbox in early 2010.
    Art was drawn by Will Exley.
    7"s hand-screened and assembled by Sacha and us.


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released September 30, 2010



all rights reserved


Well Wisher Manchester, UK


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Track Name: Fill Me, Filmy
You’re always right. When I go out to look for answers you’re nowhere to be found and I’d drag the ocean under seven leagues of shit if i could see solutions, find the parts that fit. But when I say I want you, I don’t mean it, not that much.
Track Name: Pegwarmers
Silent still, thrift shop pegwarmers dangle from their nooses. A decade old blockbuster's plastic casket will peel away from sun-bleached logos and labels, to retell fables with familiar faces, permanently painted with a grimace or smile depending on the part they played. Into a child’s hands with age old ideas, we’ll take them out to feel their first sunlight. And we’ll melt his face with magnified rays, snap off her legs to ensure no escape, we’ll burn out their eyes like they smothered our smiles, they’ll see the beast in the eyes of a child. Pegwarmers burning then, Pegwarmers earning now.
Track Name: Tops Off
Cold, this sniffle-nosed city is giving up on me. All dancing and raindrops again. These former glories won't let me be, cling to me like an old friend. Pour more sweet nothings in my ear. Can I break free from the arms of sweating neon? My bags are packed for a guilt trip I don't want to be on. This night will greet descent so sweet. Underwhelming night. I'll fade into sound and bleak background, I'll cave in first, I'll settle down. Can I say when I'm tired? Can I say when I'm leaving? Can I say when you're boring me? Can I say when I'm tired of trying and I won't settle down. Let's put all this behind us. Try to cut the ties that bind us. We'll disappear where they can find us. We'll take nothing to remind us. Get your top off.
Track Name: White Krunk
Hold on, spilling over the side. You're screaming, and my shoes aren't tied. Can't pretend I know what I'm doing. Ever wish you'd been that decadent? Hold on, spilling over the side. You're bleeding and your hands are tied. Hold on, spilling over the side. The rest we'll just improvise. This time we know what we're doing.